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Combined Body For The Collection Of Waste Bins And Extraction Of Cooking Fats

KÖPF box body combination for 2- and 3-axle chassis for the disposal of used cooking fats and leftovers

Box body divided into 2 sections:

1. Box body with tail lift at the rear for container exchanging
2. Box department for 4000 l aluminium tank for cooking fats and cooking oil

KÖPF pump engineering with proportional control for pump
Control display with safety features such as overfill-dry running protection
Pneumatically driven hose reel
Automatically proportionally controlled pump control unit for extraction or draining
Washing technology integrated in the chassis, 200-300 l tank 180 bar water pump for cleaning the containers and pipes
Box body reinforced for the collection of leftovers using the exchange method with 120l / 240l waste bins
DAUTEL or BÄR tail lift 1500 / 2000 kg