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The company is founded in Schemmerberg near Biberach in the 1920s


Introduction of vehicle bodies at the beginning of the 1950s following employment of Hafner, the master wainwright.


Start of production of animal trucks in the 1960s, with the development of large cattle truck bodies as the no. 1 line of business

1970 / 1980:

Transportation of livestock became the main business with boom years in the 1980s and right through to the 1990s, mainly after the reunification of Germany. From the animal truck business, waste disposal vehicles developed into a second source of income.

1990 to today:

Waste disposal vehicles for slaughterhouse by-products, leftovers and other special waste as well as other special-purpose vehicles become the main line of business for Köpf GmbH.

Since the end of the 1990s:

Service and sales partner for Palfinger lorry cranes and interchangeable container systems as well as for BÄR tail lifts.